How to Style Cute Bows and Dress Kids in the Winter

Cute Bows – Winter Fashion

Cute BowsKids clothes and accessories for girls usually include Cute Bowsdresses, pants, t-shirts, jackets, and a lot of other clothing items that are appropriate for the season. In the winter especially, parents have to pay extra attention to what their kids are wearing and if they provide enough warmth and comfort. Below are some tips on how to dress your babies and toddlers the right way during the winter months.

Winter Fashion Basics

Cute Bows

Cute BowsAccessories also play an important role in the winter. They help cover up the areas of the body that usually are exit points for heat. Head bows, gloves, mittens, socks, scarves etc are all great winter accessories. They are important because the head, face, hands, and feet are the areas more prone to feeling the cold more and could even have frostbite. Soft and cute head bows, long socks, waterproof gloves, scarves, and a hat should help keep the kids nice and warm and prevent heat from leaving the body.


Cute BowsDenim is a basic clothing item for all persons both adult and kid and it can be worn all year round. Denim especially comes in handy in the winter months. There are lots of option and styles and they can be easily styled with any winter piece of clothing. For girls, you can get embroidered denim that pairs well with cute bows or that are the same color. In the winter it can be hard to style outfits since the main focus is on keeping warm and wearing jackets, but a yellow cute bow paired with denim that has yellow embroidery is a great way to show your kid personality and style even in the cold.


Cute BowsLeggins come especially handy in the winter because they increase the possibilities of what kinds of clothes your baby girl can wear. Legging can be paired with dresses, shorts, skirts, and they can also be worn under light trousers.

No Cotton

Cute BowsUnless you’re using cotton as a base layer, it’s best to stay away from it in the winter. Cotton absorbs moisture so this means if your child happens to sweat in the winter, the cotton will absorb this causing them to be cold. Instead of cotton, go for fleece or other comfortable options.

Layering Clothes in the Winter

Cute BowsOne of the key things in the winter is layering. You have to layer in order to have sufficient warmth and the same goes for toddlers and babies – no exception. The common rule of thumb for layering babies and toddlers in the winter is to put them in one more layer than the number of layers you have on. Layering is important because it keeps kids warm and it also means you take one layer off if it gets warmers or if you are indoors.

Depending on the change, parents can take off layers or add on layers. Keep in mind that you should not overdo it. Too many layers can make the kid uncomfortable and they may even start to sweat. Put one more layer than you have on and get them a good jacket or coat that provides enough warmth so they won’t need more than two or three extra layers beneath. Also, take on extra clothes in case you need to add an extra layer.

Now with everything, understanding the right way to do it, helps in leaps. When it comes to layering, understanding the little tips and tricks with textures and clothing types to use will go a long way. First off, there are three basic layers and each layer has a material or clothing appropriate. Let’s discuss this below

Base Layer:

Cute BowsThe base layer is the layer that comes in contact with the skin the most. This layer should be snug, soft to the skin, and very comfortable. It provides an initial covering to the body and also provides comfort. This layer can be a soft cotton t-shirt or polyester.

The Middle Layer:

Cute BowsThe middle layer is the layer that goes on right after the base layer. The middle layer helps to insulate heat and is a base for the outer layer. It should fit right, i.e not too tight and not too big. Usually, the middle layer might be visible after all layers have been put on so you can make it fashionable of a bright color that can be coordinated with the entire outfit.

The Outer Layer:

Cute BowsThe outer layer can vary depending on what the weather is like when you are about to leave the house. It could be an outer layer that protects from rain (so a rain jacket) or snow (so an insulated jacket. The outer layer should also be comfortable, breathable and not too heavy. So your child can still move around and play freely. The right outer layer should also have room for other layers since it will be worn on two or three layers of clothes but it shouldn’t be too big.