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Please Help Me With My Layout!

Undo Ann If you back the sofa and rug up and the front legs of the chairs aren't on the rug anymore, that's OK. Like Bookmark October 1, 2013 at 10:17AM Thank you for reporting this comment. By Pangaea 12 ways to turn couch space into seating that's much more inviting Full Story 105 Browse Latest From Houzz Stories on Houzz See all Stories White Kitchens Kitchen of The stairway you see gives us access to second floor, but directly underneath it is our basement stairs.

It doesn't have to stay a bay window. Undo leelee There's tons of good art on etsy. Please help as soon as possiblePage SettingsBusiness PagesMy business page layout change to old layout.So i want that back to new normal layout.please help me out as soon as possible.Asked about Also good for playing cards, and, when the time comes, sitting with your teenager and friends and having frank conversations about the pitfalls ahead of them. http://www.houzz.com/discussions/1108028/living-room-layout-please-help-me-with-a-better-layout

After much soul searching, I decided I could replace it with a different type of window. Like Bookmark September 30, 2013 at 8:35AM Thank you for reporting this comment. Does this make sense? This might be a dumb question, but couldn't I put storage underneath the island on both sides, even under a potential counter overhang to make use of the extra space?

Undo fordecorating I have a living room like that , we removed the fire place and patched it with plasterboard. This is our family room and we have a 4-year old that likes to watch movies, so I do want something for her to lay on that faces the tv. Heads up, if you choose the latter and it's not the norm in your area, it may hurt you at resale. I definitely know what you mean.

The stove is propane gas but I am fine with moving it if necessary (no natural gas in my area). Not looking to change the size of my sons room. Consider adding a smaller wooden arm chair on the other side of the fireplace as well. Undo Madison Wolfe Yes, Rina, great idea!

I have a corner sink and the back corner is 46.5" from the counter edge and I can't clean it without climbing on a stool and leaning over the counter. Here are some other examples. 1 Like Bookmark April 10, 2014 at 6:24AM Thank you for reporting this comment. I have to keep the non-kitchen side of the island (the "bottom" part) flush with the counters. I am trying to embrace minimalism and convince myself that I don't need anything flanking the fireplace.

I'm sure I forgot some detail but I've got to run pick up my kid. http://ths.gardenweb.com/discussions/2690846/please-help-me-fix-this-layout Undo cpartist The bench doesn't have to be built in. Here are a few suggestions for you: http://deciture.com/shop/decor/world-market/lucky-love-ii-judy-paul/ http://deciture.com/shop/decor/world-market/momentary-canvas/ http://deciture.com/shop/decor/world-market/red-parade-dean-bradshaw/ http://deciture.com/shop/decor/world-market/magical-forest-alan-hopfensperger/ Hope this helps! 2 Likes Bookmark April 9, 2014 at 9:15AM Thank you for reporting this comment. Like Bookmark August 10, 2014 at 11:52PM Thank you for reporting this comment.

How do others feel about that and also about having the only sink in the small island? Still not sure about making the island so small. I can not close off doorway all the way to right of kitchen as it gives garage and sunroom access. Undo lisa_a Dang, I was afraid there might be a hitch in my drawing.

Undo Ann If you put the sofa facing the fireplace, just buy a sofa table to put behind the sofa with maybe a basket or two under it and the back Get the latest news for advertisers and more on our Facebook Business Page.Marketing on FacebookSuccess storiesInspirationNewsSitemapMarketing objectivesBuild your presenceCreate awarenessDrive discoveryGenerate leadsBoost salesEarn loyaltyFacebook PagesGet started with PagesSetting up your PageManage Undo parke342 There's no TV -- I'm just trying to work around the various doorways/windows/fireplace in my layout. Usually no complicated multi-course dinners, because I'm not particularly organized.

Like Bookmark April 10, 2014 at 5:58AM Thank you for reporting this comment. Where you have the banquet, I put the tv on the wall. Undo PRO Dytecture The diagram / floor plan didn't get attached, try saving in 'jpeg' format.

I wasn't sure whether there would be room for a sofa table, but it looks as though there is, if you get a narrow one.

Notice that the center window is fixed and the two side windows are casement windows with the handle at the outer edges to make opening and closing the windows easier. The sofa seating is great for relaxing, cuddling, trimming artichokes, etc. (Okay, that's probably just me. I like the idea of a covered hamper outside. A fantastic horizontal mirror over the fireplace would pull in light from the windows.

Or you could just leave it blank. (the amended drawing shows a 3' wall of cabinets, not a 4' wall of cabs). There is other heating nearby, but I don't think it is enough. A prolific author, Pariah literally wrote the book and the curriculum for learning and teaching digital publishing from InDesign, ePublishing with InDesign (http://iamPariah.com/books), wrote the first book for experienced InDesign users, Thankfully, I measured myself before you took your valuable time helping me plan this out.

This is our casual AND elegant dining table. That's what my intention was, since I can't enlarge the kitchen walls any further to gain more storage. As for the dishwasher, I only have 4 ft on the far right kitchen wall, so the DW will have to go to the left. A couple of years down the road I'm still waiting to miss it and the sink's still waiting in the basement.

It's inconvenient but I know a lot of people with corner sinks who don't mind it in the least. Was that your idea or an architect's? I totally understand about being able to access from both sides for storage, you would just need to move your stools so I would keep things on that side to those We have a small family (of 3) and a large dog (over 100 lbs).

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