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Pls Help: Google Redirect (Cliccker.cn)

Suddenly "Forbidden".. Users can access .css (stylesheet) and Javascript files without problem, and also the file called "special.zip", but requests for any other file types are immediately redirected back up to the main What that simply means is.. Options +FollowSymlinks RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %corz8 !example-cookie=true RewriteRule .* /err/401.php ..which could easily form the basis of a simple authentication system.

In shortening urls, u said ---------- this rule would transform this user's URL.. Very little here is my own invention. You helped me solve a problem with hotlinkg. Have fun! ;o) Cor troubleshooting tips..

Then we do a couple of *g*4 conditions, the first to prevent "empty" referers (where no referer information is sent) and the second to prevent resetting the cookie with the name This may or not bother you, but if it does, *end*0 can do some more magic.. Options +FollowSymlinks RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^/([^/]+)/([^/]+)/? /index.php?first-var=$1&second-var=$2 [QSA] cooler access denied In part one I demonstrated a drop-dead simple mechanism for denying access to particular files and folders.

  1. It does not give any extra information to the regular expression engine. "Hey, I want something that starts with this and ends in anything whatsoever" is the same as just saying
  2. Page = '[email protected]$_GET['page']; ?>to check on the variable being passed.
  3. Also copies a malicious relive.dll into the CommonProgrammfiles directory without giving the user a possibility to cancel that process.[Win32.Delf.gkw]Threat=TrojanDescription=Win32.Delf.gkw copies an executable file into the system and Windows directories, starts itself

rewrite logging.. Solution: restart your browser, or use a different one. RewriteCond %corz2 domain-one.com RewriteCond %corz1 !^/one RewriteRule ^(.*)$ one/$1 [L] RewriteCond %corz0 domain-two.com RewriteCond %corz9 !^two RewriteRule ^(.*)$ two/$1 [L] All requests for the host *g*3 are rewritten (not R=redirected) to You simply make the slash an "optional" character, something like this.. *g*9 So it shouldn't matter whether you have a slash or not, both will work.

Options +FollowSymlinks RewriteEngine on # .htm >> .php is now be covered by our main rule, there's no need to repeat it. # But if we do need some /osx/-specific rule, As with any RewriteCond, you can get pretty complex, checking multiple cookies, utilizing regexp and more, but that's enough to get you started. This trick is commonly used to combat "the trailing-slash problem". Like all PlayTech installers, the installation does not finish with "installation finished" , the software still downloads and installs parts of the online casino in background for several minutes.

There will be more complex ways to do this. Perhaps not. Sometimes these links are generated using the GET command, other times they are direct links. It's a good question, and can't be solved with the "normal" rewrite methods.

However, I am despeately trying to find a solution to do the following: (1) Redirect (2) Maintain http://www.abc.com/page.htm in address bar of browser. more info here The email.. cheers euio euio - 06.05.05 6:55 am how come I can't post the code??? RewriteRule ^(.+)\.htm$ http://corz.org/$1.php [R=302,NC] Okay, I sent the exact same code, but I didn't have to.

Al cor - 09.11.04 9:15 pm Thanks Al, that's what makes it all worthwhile. ;o) Cor ZiZe - 28.11.04 1:06 pm Nice article. http://corz.org/blog/index.php?archive=2003-nov which corzblog would understand (note: corzblog can also produce flat links - the crucial "other side" of the flat-links equation that people often forget in their quest for cute URLs). for a bbcode square bracket, you do it doubled.. [[!]] <- I had to do four there! So long as your physical directory structure is well thought-out, this is fairly simple to achieve.

Unless you are using corz4. Suckers, h4x0rz, kiddies, cross-site scripters and more.. This causes high tolls. It's way faster than enabling rewrite logging, too.

As long the file bmtdhh.dll in system32 directory is active, the other files of this trojan are hidden from the WindowAPI (i.e. It's generally best to hard-code in the domain name. Almost no one knows about it, mainly because I don't have any links.

RewriteCond %*g*4 users\.skynet\.be.* [NC,OR] # really, we need a special page for these twats..

When I'm messing with *end*2, *end*1 saves me time, a lot. RewriteCond %*g*3 \=\|w\| [NC,OR] RewriteCond %*g*2 etc/passwd [NC,OR] RewriteCond %*g*1 owssvr\.dll [NC,OR] # you can probably work these out.. do check out the URL Rewriting Engine notes for the juicy syntax bits. Whenever you use *end*4 (the part of Apache that does all this magic), you need to do..

I discovered the "Hey, I want something that starts with this and ends in anything whatsoever" is the same as just saying "Hey, I want something that starts with this" a What browser would send a referer like http:/example.com/ instead of http://example.com/? But in reality the search option does not work and only advertisement will be displayed.[FM.Toolbar]Threat=HijackerDescription=FM.Toolbar installs a toolbar into the Internet Explorer without user consent. It copies DLLs to the Windows system folder, and creates an .exe file in the root folder.[Win32.Small.v]Threat=TrojanDescription=It creates an Autorun entry ("msbb") in the registry in order to be launched on

It's easy to see that with a little imagination, and a basic understanding of posix regular expression, you can perform some highly cool URL manipulations.